Inequality from the Perspectives of Public and Private Sector Innovations

Kovács, O. (2014): Inequality from the Perspectives of Public and Private Sector Innovations. ICEG European Center, News of the Month No. 67, May 2014
In this contribution we argue that, in the long run, social inequality is likely to increase over time if public and private sector innovations are not in conjunction with each other. We intend to challenge the old wisdom of economic literature that federal state can act more efficiently in dampening social inequality due to its greater potential for parallel innovative policy learning. We argue that even though the economic policy offers a relatively more fertile ground for private sector innovation like in the US, it does not necessarily mean that public sector can leave the issue of public sector innovation (including, fostering social innovations) at loose ends due to the intensifying potential for secularly increasing social inequality (income inequality in particular).
Olivér Kovács Ph.D is a Hungarian economist specialised in the research fields of sustainable development, fiscal sustainability, innovation and innovation policy.

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