Management and Economic Policy for Development – A Review on a New Book Edited by Grzegorz W. Kołodko

Kovács, O. (2015 – forthcoming): Kołodko, G. W. (ed.) (2014): Management and Economic Policy for Development. Nova Science Publishers, New York. Society and Economy, Vol. 37., No. 1 pp. 132-136

In this book review, we argue that although no one can live under the delusion that growth and development would be the same, one should also accept the truism that we are far from having a ready-to-use model for initiating or reversing socio-economic development, thus that of non-linear economic processes. And, probably, there will never be such a model because of the basic indeterminism and unpredictability of structural changes in complex, dynamic systems. However, as the presented book, edited by the ineluctable famous Polish economist, Grzegorz W. Kołodko, argues that by linking management and economic policy together, governments have the opportunity to emit right signals, in the right measures, in the right place and at the right time. This seems to be feasible with the recognition of the nature of innovation which arises in an autochthonous way within the cultural matrices. The book advocates that pursuing New Pragmatism is a must that embraces not only the quantitatively measurable aspects of our existence, but also the qualitative parts of our socio-economic development.

Olivér Kovács Ph.D is a Hungarian economist specialised in the research fields of sustainable development, fiscal sustainability, innovation and innovation policy.

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