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Grounding Complexity Economics in Framing Modern Governance

Kovács, O. (2020): Grounding Complexity Economics in Framing Modern Governance. Acta Oeconomica, Vol. 69, No. 4, pp. 571-594. (Journal category: Q2) This paper addresses the hottest potato of economics today, namely why the profession seems to have been lulled into a sense of false security in spite of flourishing economic models as well as subfield-knowledge in various disciplines? The embarrassing question of the Q
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Shining Lights of Industry 4.0? Maybe, But Some Dark Corners Too!

Title 10th Biennial Conference of the Czech Economic Society Role Role: speaker Title of the presentation: The Dark Corners of Industry 4.0 – Grounding Economic Governance 2.0 Location University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic Date 1 December 2018
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Az Ipar 4.0 komplexitása – I. / The Complexity of Industry 4.0 – Part I./

Kovács, O. (2017): Az Ipar 4.0 komplexitása – I. Economic Review, Vol. 64., July-August 2017, pp. 823-851, DOI:10.18414/KSZ.2017.7-8.823 Abstract in Hungarian Kétrészes tanulmányunk célja, hogy egy összetettebb megközelítéssel meghaladjuk a negyedik ipari forradalomról szóló szokásos elemzéseket. Mindezt rendszerszemléletben tesszük, azaz az ipar 4.0 és a digitális gazdaság kérdését a társadalmi-gazdasági rendszer sz
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Management and Economic Policy for Development – Reviews on a Book Edited by Grzegorz W. Kołodko

English version of the Book Review Kovács, O. (2015): Kołodko, G. W. (ed.) (2014): Management and Economic Policy for Development. Nova Science Publishers, New York. Society and Economy, Vol. 37., No. 1 pp. 132-136 In this book review, we argue that although no one can live under the delusion that growth and development would be the same, one should also accept the truism that we are far from having a ready-to-use mo
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