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Deformáció és reformáció – adalékok a strukturális reformálhatósághoz

Kovács, O. (2018): Deformáció és reformáció – adalékok a strukturális reformálhatósághoz. In: Halm, T. – Hurta, H. – Koller, B. (szerk.) (2018): Ünnepi kötet a 65 éves Halmai Péter tiszteletére. Dialóg Campus Kiadó, Budapest. 179-189. o. Jelen tanulmány amellett érvel, hogy a strukturális reformokkal kapcsolatos tudományos viták nem hagyhatják figyelmen kívül azt a tényt, hogy ilyesfajta reformációra egy olyan korban
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Talent-competitiveness of Hungary – Decline without „Fleurs du Mal”

Kovács, O. (2016): Talent-competitiveness of Hungary – Decline without „Fleurs du Mal”. Society and Economy, Vol. 38., No. 4. pp. 537–558 DOI: 10.1556/204.2016.38.4.6 This paper debunks the popular belief about the world class performance of the Hungarian education system. In so doing, the paper offers some ammunition to better understand Hungary’s position in the IMD World Talent Report 2015 (IMD WTR 2015). Firstly,
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(Dis)Affectio Societatis?

There is a widely held hypothesis that the advanced world faces severe ethical and moral crisis which manifests into at least two observable trends: Firstly, there is a downward trend in marriages, secondly, an increasing trend of one-person households has been also registrable. But, there is also anew hypothesis arguing that because of the increasing welfare (for instance in the United States), more and more person
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Dependent Uncertainties and Governance

Kovács, O. (2013): Dependent Uncertainties and Governance. News of the Month, ICEG European Center, October 2013 pp. 4-10. In this article we devote attention to uncertainties and their implications on governance, particularly on fiscal governance. We argue that a prone to high uncertainties is an embedded feature of our time and national fiscal governance should consolidate with a more systemic view to cope with ind
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Centre-Periphery Relations as an Emerging Cleavage In European Politics And Policy-Making? Empirical Studies on Differentiated Integration

Title Hungary and the Eurozone – The Need for a More Systemic Approach Role Speaker Location Berlin School of Economics and Law, Badensche Strasse 50-51, 10825 Berlin, Germany Date 11-12 October 2013
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