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Book: Reversing the Great Suppression

Kovács, O. (2023): Reversing the Great Suppression – Unleashing the Catalytic Public Sector for Innovation Dynamism. Ludovika Publishing, Budapest, p. 368 Somewhere along the line, something happened to the global economy that has robbed the confidence and courage of the innovation ecosystem, leaving it gripped by a fear of discovery, change, and an overwhelming dread of the unknown. This book delves into the i
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Recenzió: Könnyelmű verdikt – Az államadósság védelmében

Kovacs, O. (2022): Könnyelmű verdikt az államadósság fölött / Light-hearted Verdict over Public Debt/. Review article in Hungarian, Eichengreen, B.–El-Ganainy, A.–Esteves, R.–Mitchener, K. J.: In Defense of Public Debt. Oxford University Press, p. 313, Economic Review, Vol. 69., March 2022, pp. 413-418 What the book says, by the way, is not that we can see debt accumulation as a path to salvation and ordinary happine
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