Win Some, Lose Some – It’s Not All the Same for Us

The 21st century started with the transubstantiation of the economic structure in the advanced world. Albeit the growing importance of services was already quite clear in the 1960s, modern services soared right after the revolution of information and communication technologies (ICT) from to the midst of 1970s. Importantly, the emerging new services economies, in which 60-80% of GNI stems from services, are pervaded b
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Divide after the Tide?

While there is some optimistic judgement over the end of the 2008 financial and economic crisis – not to mention those voices advocating that the Great Recession was not really so great (Van Ours, 2015) –, there is a certain level of uncertainty encoded into the fragile recovery. If for no other reason than the European integration seems to suffering from non-convergence in many aspects between the core and the perip
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Management and Economic Policy for Development – Reviews on a Book Edited by Grzegorz W. Kołodko

English version of the Book Review Kovács, O. (2015): Kołodko, G. W. (ed.) (2014): Management and Economic Policy for Development. Nova Science Publishers, New York. Society and Economy, Vol. 37., No. 1 pp. 132-136 In this book review, we argue that although no one can live under the delusion that growth and development would be the same, one should also accept the truism that we are far from having a ready-to-use mo
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Science and Technology Policy in the European Union – Innovation Leaders with Different Outcome

Kovács, O. – Orosz, Á. (2011): Science and Technology Policy in the European Union – Innovation Leaders with Different Outcome. The Annals of the University of Oradea, Department of International Affairs. (February 2011) Our study attempts to contribute to the better understanding of the economic realization problem of the European higher education innovations by using the science and technology policy approach. The
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Fiscal Sustainability and Consolidation – The Contradictory Cases of Finland and Portugal (in Hungarian)

Kovács, O. (2010): Fiskális fenntarthatóság és konszolidáció – Potugália és Finnország ellentmondásos esete (Fiscal Sustainability and Consolidation – The Contradictory Case of Finland and Portugal). Köz-Gazdaság, Vol. 5. No. 2. pp. 167-188 The study focuses on consolidations which facilitate fiscal sustainability through the analysis of Portugal and Finland. On the basis of evidences stemming from the economic liter
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On the Road to Diversifying the Kazakhstanian Economy?

Kovács, O. (2010): Will The Oil-Revenues Be Enough to Accelerate Kazakhstanian Transition Into a Much More Diversified Economy? News of the Month, ICEG European Center, January 2010 pp. 9-13. The first question of this article is even if it seems that Kazakhstan has been able to maintain its oil-oriented export activity for years, can we expect a heightening transformation into modern and divers industrial economy in
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