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Labour Market Flexibility – Impact on the Economy

There is a widespread consensus among mainstream economists that more labour market flexibility (like in the US) is more likely to be associated with better economic performance because of the more fertile ground for innovation and productivity compared to the welfare states of Europe where labour market has a stricter feature (See Chart 1). As Sapir noted: “The stricter the employment protection legislation of a mod
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Poland – Raising Awareness on the Importance of Impulsive Innovation

Kovács, O. (2012): Poland – Raising Awareness on the Importance of Impulsive Innovation. News of the Month, ICEG European Center, October 2012 pp. 17-21. Albeit Poland has been often viewed as an island within the European Union of economic growth during the recent financial and economic crisis accompanied with eurozone crisis and sovereign debt crisis, there is a caveat suggesting that there is no time for any torpo
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