A Systemic Narrative of Hungarian Eurozone Accession

Kovács, O. (2014): A Systemic Narrative of Hungarian Eurozone Accession. The Polish Quarterly of International Affairs, 2014, No. 3 This paper attempts to contribute to a better understanding of why a more systemic approach is needed when it comes to Hungary’s eurozone accession. This study first dwells on the issue of its macroeconomic instability from a regional perspective by devoting attention to its “lagging” ph
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On the Road to Diversifying the Kazakhstanian Economy?

Kovács, O. (2010): Will The Oil-Revenues Be Enough to Accelerate Kazakhstanian Transition Into a Much More Diversified Economy? News of the Month, ICEG European Center, January 2010 pp. 9-13. The first question of this article is even if it seems that Kazakhstan has been able to maintain its oil-oriented export activity for years, can we expect a heightening transformation into modern and divers industrial economy in
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