non-keynesian effect

Austerity vs. Stimulus – The Debate Continues

In one of his last columns, Lord Skidelsky argued that fiscal stimulus is in order given the current status of affairs of the global economy, especially the United States (Skidelsky, 2013). Why Lord Skidelsky does recommend stepping aside our threats from deficits and accumulating public debt and trying to re-invigorate the states development function through fiscal stimulus? At first blush, the question of “why” has
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Innovative Fiscal Policy in the Context of Sustainability

Kovács, O. (2011): Innovative Fiscal Policy in the Context of Sustainability. In: Hanna, L. – Vehmas, J. (2011): Trends and Future of Sustainable Development Conference Proceedings. Proceedings of the Conference “Trends and Future of Sustainable Development” 9-10 June 2011, Tampere, Finland. pp. 274-286 Our article addresses the question of what kind of fiscal policy could properly contribute to the requirements of f
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