public finance

Dependent Uncertainties and Governance

Kovács, O. (2013): Dependent Uncertainties and Governance. News of the Month, ICEG European Center, October 2013 pp. 4-10. In this article we devote attention to uncertainties and their implications on governance, particularly on fiscal governance. We argue that a prone to high uncertainties is an embedded feature of our time and national fiscal governance should consolidate with a more systemic view to cope with ind
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The Concept of Innovative Fiscal Policy: Theory and Empirical Evidence

Kovács, O. (2011): The Concept of Innovative Fiscal Policy: Theory and Empirical Evidence. Competitio, Vol. 10, No. 2. (December, 2011) This contribution addresses the question of what are the main constituents of an innovative fiscal policy in the context of sustainability. We apply the concept of sustaining and disruptive innovation to fiscal policy. On the one hand, innovative fiscal policy is able to be sustainin
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Public Finance – Deficit, Debt and Sustainability

Kovács, O. (2011): István Benczes – Gábor Kutasi (2010): Költségvetési pénzügyek. Hiány, államadósság és fenntarthatóság (Public finance. Deficit, debt and sustainability) (Review). The Economic Review, Vol. 58. pp. 383-387
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