public sector innovation

Book: Reversing the Great Suppression

Kovács, O. (2023): Reversing the Great Suppression – Unleashing the Catalytic Public Sector for Innovation Dynamism. Ludovika Publishing, Budapest, p. 368 Somewhere along the line, something happened to the global economy that has robbed the confidence and courage of the innovation ecosystem, leaving it gripped by a fear of discovery, change, and an overwhelming dread of the unknown. This book delves into the i
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Inequality from the Perspectives of Public and Private Sector Innovations

Kovács, O. (2014): Inequality from the Perspectives of Public and Private Sector Innovations. ICEG European Center, News of the Month No. 67, May 2014 In this contribution we argue that, in the long run, social inequality is likely to increase over time if public and private sector innovations are not in conjunction with each other. We intend to challenge the old wisdom of economic literature that federal state can a
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Spirits and States

As the Nobel-laureate George Akerlof together with his co-author Robert J. Shiller emphasised in the book Animal Spirits, the societal and economic development relies heavily on the trust infrastructure of the given country. Trust and confidence exuded by citizens towards state and governmental institutions are negatively affected by recent financial and economic crisis (Chart 1). Chart 1. Trust in National Governmen
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