Divide after the Tide?

While there is some optimistic judgement over the end of the 2008 financial and economic crisis – not to mention those voices advocating that the Great Recession was not really so great (Van Ours, 2015) –, there is a certain level of uncertainty encoded into the fragile recovery. If for no other reason than the European integration seems to suffering from non-convergence in many aspects between the core and the perip
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Innovation: Fiscal Decentralisation and Corruption

In this short post, we are to provide support to the argument that the degree of fiscal decentralisation affects the innovation milieu of a country through influencing the closeness among relevant stakeholders (public, private and third sector). Closeness, corruption, innovation milieu To this end, we have two considerations: (i) a more decentralised structure is closer to the society and thus it promises more fiscal
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