Grounding Complexity Economics in Framing Modern Governance

Kovács, O. (2020): Grounding Complexity Economics in Framing Modern Governance. Acta Oeconomica, Vol. 69, No. 4, pp. 571-594. (Journal category: Q2) This paper addresses the hottest potato of economics today, namely why the profession seems to have been lulled into a sense of false security in spite of flourishing economic models as well as subfield-knowledge in various disciplines? The embarrassing question of the Q
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Big IFs in Productivity-Enhancing Industry 4.0

Kovacs, O. (2019): Big IFs in Productivity-Enhancing Industry 4.0. Social Sciences, Vol. 8., No. 2, Industry 4.0 Implication for Economy and Society, https://doi.org/10.3390/socsci8020037 Abstract With the dawn of Industry 4.0, its productivity-boosting impact appears to be comfortably ensconced both in the media and in the scientific community. Still, our paper is to portend a rather dismal prognosis by outlining th
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Shining Lights of Industry 4.0? Maybe, But Some Dark Corners Too!

Title 10th Biennial Conference of the Czech Economic Society Role Role: speaker Title of the presentation: The Dark Corners of Industry 4.0 – Grounding Economic Governance 2.0 Location University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic Date 1 December 2018
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(Dis)Affectio Societatis?

There is a widely held hypothesis that the advanced world faces severe ethical and moral crisis which manifests into at least two observable trends: Firstly, there is a downward trend in marriages, secondly, an increasing trend of one-person households has been also registrable. But, there is also anew hypothesis arguing that because of the increasing welfare (for instance in the United States), more and more person
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A Systemic Narrative of Hungarian Eurozone Accession

Kovács, O. (2014): A Systemic Narrative of Hungarian Eurozone Accession. The Polish Quarterly of International Affairs, 2014, No. 3 This paper attempts to contribute to a better understanding of why a more systemic approach is needed when it comes to Hungary’s eurozone accession. This study first dwells on the issue of its macroeconomic instability from a regional perspective by devoting attention to its “lagging” ph
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Endogenously Increasing Uncertainties and Governance

Kovács, O. (2014): Endogenously Increasing Uncertainties and Governance. TIGER Working Paper No. 130. This contribution argues that uncertainty is integrated into the modern economic systems; however its autochthonously increasing feature is puzzling and should be addressed in a more dedicated way. Behind the curtain of increasing uncertainty, we purport to demonstrate that at least the following intertwined and inte
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Dependent Uncertainties and Governance

Kovács, O. (2013): Dependent Uncertainties and Governance. News of the Month, ICEG European Center, October 2013 pp. 4-10. In this article we devote attention to uncertainties and their implications on governance, particularly on fiscal governance. We argue that a prone to high uncertainties is an embedded feature of our time and national fiscal governance should consolidate with a more systemic view to cope with ind
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