A High Growth SME: NEXON

Kovács, O. – Orosz, Á. (2013): An Innovative High Growth SME. Case Study of NEXON – The Role of Non-Technological Innovation in a Payroll, Labour and HR Management Firm in Hungary. In: Makó, Cs. – Polónyi, I. – Szanyi, M. – Ujhelyi, M. (2013): Organizational and Institutional Innovation and Enterprise Clusters as Sources of Competitiveness. Competitio Books, No. 13 pp. 58-79

The paper analyses the case of NEXON as a Hungarian high-growth innovative SME from the aspect of how non-technological innovation affects firm’s development. The paper first elaborates the reasoning over the appreciating role of non-technological innovations in the era of learning economies. It then explores the development path of NEXON through the lens of a growth model, developed by Greiner. Finally, it draws both company level and policymaking level lessons to be learned.