Articles in the INNO-Grips Newsletter No. 2

Two articles and an interview, written by Olivér Kovács, appeared in the second issue of INNO-Grips Newsletter. The Newsletter contains an insightful summary on the major findings of INNO-Grips Policy Brief No. 1 on „Innovation Policy and the Business Cycle: Innovation Policy’s Role in Addressing Economic Downturn„. This issue gives opportunities for the readers not only to have better look onto the major patterns of Europe’s venture capital endowment in a form of an interview conducted by Olivér Kovács, but also to have more realistic pictures about what kind of regulation is needed to tackle with challenging mega-trends and what can we say about the higher education and academic sphere relevant to the innovation policy. The latter ones were authored by Olivér Kovács. Last but not at all least the 2nd Newsletter calls the reader’s attention to innovation policy news worldwide as well.

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