Greening the Economy out in Bulgaria

Kovács, O. (2012): Greening the Economy out in Bulgaria. News of the Month, ICEG European Center, July-August 2012 pp. 4-7.

This contribution deals with the issue of greening out the economy from a global policy perspective and by lookint at Bulgaria in particular. It then emphasises that focusing on green investments may serve as a catalyst towards sustainable development and also serves as an opportunity for exit strategy with respect to the Great Recession. The entire European endeavor to be a continuously developing community interspersed with growing welfare and well-being of European citizens stands and falls on whether public and private sector actors can stimulate mutually reinforcing processes geared towards greater innovativeness throughout Europe. It calls for more intensified cooperation among relevant actors in triggering efficiency gains while reducing deficit and debt overhangs via promising innovations that are also directing towards sustainable development, smart growth, and overall: a more green approach of human existence.