Hungarian Multinationals – Led by MOL

Sass, M. – Kovács, O. (2012): MOL Group, the petrol company, continues to lead the ranking of Hungarian multinationals. An ICEG EC Research Report, Emerging Market Global Players project led by Columbia University, The Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment.

The study deals with a complex array of issues, such as the geographic concentration, trends in employment, the most significant mergers and acquisitions, that are linked to the expansionary behavior of privately owned Hungarian companies in the period 2008-2010 . In addition, it also offers a mere glimpse into the trajectories of FDI and OFDI. The paper ranks Hungarian multinationals in terms of their foreign assets. In 2010, the TOP 20 Hungarian multinationals cumulatively accounted for more than USD 19 billion in foreign assets, more than USD 18 billion in foreign sales, they had 172 affiliates in 37 countries worldwide, and employed more than 40,000 workers abroad. Notwithstanding the negative repercussions of recent economic and financial crisis and its ensuing sovereign debt crisis on companies’ activities, the top 20 companies could increase further their foreign assets by 24 per cent in the respected period by exceeding the amount of USD 19 billion.

The study is also available at the homepage of the ICEG European Center.