Innovative Fiscal Policy in the Context of Sustainability

Kovács, O. (2011): Innovative Fiscal Policy in the Context of Sustainability. In: Hanna, L. – Vehmas, J. (2011): Trends and Future of Sustainable Development Conference Proceedings. Proceedings of the Conference “Trends and Future of Sustainable Development” 9-10 June 2011, Tampere, Finland. pp. 274-286

Our article addresses the question of what kind of fiscal policy could properly contribute to the requirements of fiscal sustainability which is a major constituent of sustainable development, as well. After outlining the economic justification of fiscal sustainability we intend to conceptualise innovative fiscal policy complementing it with a short review of Finland. The Finnish case may offer empirical support, and at the same time, its example gives us an opportunity to refine our argument on the institutional conditions required by fiscal sustainability.